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MutzNutz offer a fast and efficient service turning around your order and getting your goods to you as quickly as possible whilst keeping prices down.

Our prices are based on bulk buying and we source or products from highly regarded and reputable manufacturers within the industry

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Cant Find What You Require? - Drop Us A Line!

Socket Button Bolts

Socket button screw also known as socket button bolt with a round head socket head.


A wide range of stainless steel washers are available

Nuts & Nyloc Nuts

A Selection of Full, Nyloc & Flanged Nyloc nuts (also known nylon insert or polymer insert lock nuts)

Cable Ties

Indusustry Standard Cable Ties in a range of popular sizes

Cable Ties Washers

Split Pins

Indusustry Standard Split or Cotter Pins

Split Pins

Stainless steel socket cap screws or cap screw also known as socket Bolts.

Socket Cap Bolts

Bolts & Kits Socket Cap Bolts M3-M5 Socket Button Bolts

Stainless steel Hex Set Screws (shank completely threaded.

Hex Set Screws

Hex Set Screws